Harlow Symphony Orchestra


March 17th 2007 - St John's Arts and Recreation Centre, Old Harlow

'Audition is just the right note' - Star 22/3/2007

An open audition was a resounding success for Harlow Symphony Orchestra as it looked to fill several key vacanies.

The Come and Play session in St John's Arts and Recreation Centre, Old Harlow, on Saturday invited all-comers to show off their musical skills and vie for a place in the orchestra.

Musical director Andrew Bruce said: "The open audition was very useful to us in helping to fill the gaps in the orchestra. We are always pleased to see new faces.

"We now have a second oboe, but are still on the lookout for people to fill the second bassoon and second clarinet positions before our next concert in July."


July 16th 2000 - Harlow Playhouse

'Banishing the Myth of our lack of Music'

England was once described as the 'Land without Music'. Harlow Symphony Orchestra performed an all-English programme which effectively dispelled the myth.

In music spanning more than 200 years each piece offered a section of the orchestra a chance to sparkle in its 'Millennium Concert' in Harlow Playhouse.

William Boyce's chirpy 'Symphony No. 5' acted as a show-piece for trumpets and strings, while a crisply articulated account of Walton's 'Crown Imperial' allowed the brass and busy percussionists to shine.

George Butterworth's rhapsody 'A Shropshire Lad' highlighted the capable woodwind players.

Rowena Calvert

Rowena Calvert

Another talented musician, cellist Rowena Calvert, stole the show with an emotionally charged performance of Elgar's 'Cello Concerto'. The Yehudi Menuhin School student played with a sense of drama and glorious tone and the orchestra balanced her admirably.

If the audience wanted to sing along to Sullivan's overture 'The Pirates of Penzance' their wishes were finally granted for the end piece, Elgar's 'Pomp and Circumstance March No 1'. Participation was expected and the orchestra received well-deserved applause from a large audience.